Church Outreach Application

Belize Educational and Action Ministry (BEAM) is committed to help UECB churches in the Northern Region reach out to people in the surrounding community to hear the Gospel.  BEAM will consider matching dollar for dollar for any type of evangelism outreach or activity that would win, strengthen, or encourage people to our Lord and Savior.  Beam considers this to be a 50-50 proposal between the church and BEAM.   However, the churches contribution could be in the form of in kind contribution such as time, labor, and other expenses.

  • • Describe outreach • Date • Length of activity (one evening or several days) • Describe what you hope to accomplish through this outreach (its purpose or objective). • Amount of funding requested.
  • (or in kind contribution)
  • If the outreach is approved the church needs to submit a summary of results (was the purpose or objective met).