Ebenezer Church Holds December Outreach Events

During the month of December 2021, Ebenezer Church, Chan Pine Ridge Village in Orange Walk Town, held several outreach events. The gospel of Jesus was shared through special church services, a camp fire, and the sharing of goodie bags with the children.

Over 200 children from the villages of Chan Pine Ridge, San Carlos and Copper Bank were blessed with love, joy, games, candy, treats, and the best gift of all – JESUS!

The main event was held December 24th. A special service included their church band, drama, gospel, and food for everyone.

This has been a challenging year for all, and also for Ebenezer Church. BEAM was pleased to be able to help provide funds to partner with Ebenezer Church to share the message of love, sacrifice, and forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ.

(BEAM provides 50/50 matching funds for Church Evangelism Outreach. These funds are rewarded based upon application from the church to BEAM.)