Financial Assistance for Students

For $1,000 or just $2.75 a day you can help cover all the cost of a needy student for one school year at King’s College.  Many families would like to give their children a Christian education but this is difficult for many as the average hourly wage is only about $4.00 per hour.  With income and sales taxes at about 35% of their income and a gallon of gasoline costing about three times the cost as compared to the United States, it leaves little for low income families to get their children through school.  For a family with four children it would cost the family $4,000 per year to send their children through school or another 48% of their income.

Therefore, the cost that the average family of four children faces is 48% of their income going for education and another 35% going for taxes.  This equals 83% of their income or $3.32 per hour which leaves only $0.68 for food, clothing, shelter and other expenses.

Consider making a contribution of any amount towards student financial assistance.